• EFA 63 Reciprocating saw, electrically operated

    EFA 63

    Reciprocating saw, electrically operated

    Ideally adapted to quarter cattle and for many other operations; for all sizes of plant.

    • Powerful universal motor, splash-proof
    • Ergonomic position of handle
    • Nearly free of vibration.
    • Housing easy to clean.

  • EFA 185 Breaking saw, electrically operated

    EFA 185

    Breaking saw, electrically operated

    Powerfull breaking swa with centrifugal power  brake and exdend gear head, for halves of Beef;

    for medium and large sized plants.

    • Powerful 3ph-AC motor.
    • Totally enclosed housing.
    • Smooth high polished housing, easy to sanitize.
    • Ergonomic position of handles.
    • Patented centrifugal power brake integrated.

  • EFA SK 30/18 Electric breaking saw

    EFA SK 30/18

    Electric breaking saw

    Powerful breaking saw for halves of Beef; for

    mediumand large sized plants.

    • Powerful universal motor, splash-proof
    • High depth of cut
    • Installed, patented centrifugal power brake for integrated.
    • Robust, low mainten ance.

  • EFA SL24 WB Saw with Electric drive

    EFA SL24 WB

    Saw with Electric drive

    • Deal for coarse decomposition; Do not require prior cutting.
    • Schnelles work through powerful pin chasing movement. 
    • Robuste, Powerful machine.

  • EFA SL 50-18 Reciprocating saw electrically operated

    EFA SL 50-18

    Reciprocating saw electrically operated

    For Splitting of hogs and cattle, for sawing though breastbones and quatering; for small meat plants.

    • Powerful universal motor, splash-proof
    • Ergonomic position of handle
    • Anti-vibration package
    • Easy to clean housing

  • EFA Z 27 Hydraulic Cutter for Quartering

    EFA Z 27

    Hydraulic Cutter for Quartering

    • High Performance.
    • Easy, safe handling thanks to 2-hand safety Switch.
    • No sawdust, no bone Chips.
    • External parts made of corrosion-resistant material.
    • Various knives available for different purposes.
    • Hydraulic unit optionally electric or compressed air Operation.

  • EFA Z 28 Hydraulic loin dropper

    EFA Z 28

    Hydraulic loin dropper

    Cutter for various uses; Also for separating the head from cattle and pigs; For medium and large plants.

    • High efficiency
    • Easy an safe to handle by anti-tie down controls
    • No saw dust, no bone splintering
    • Fast and easy cut
    • All external parts made of non corrosive material
    • Different blade designs available for different applications
    • Hydraulic unit either electrical- or air operated


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